Roof Storm Damage Repair in Greenville, SC

Home hit by bad weather? We’ve got your roof repairs covered.

South Carolina storms can be brutal and unexpected. Your roof is your property’s first line of defense – and when it’s compromised by weather, you need expert restoration ASAP.

At Local Roofers, we provide experienced roof damage repair services to the Greenville area. Our hail and storm restoration contractors tackle all kinds of roof damage, quickly and professionally.

Signs of Roof Storm Damage

It’s not easy to assess storm-damaged roofing materials immediately – especially without climbing on top of the building. Still, you can look for some obvious signs of damage, including…


If you’re finding shingles throughout your yard, your roof likely isn’t in great shape.

2Visible holes or
puncture spots

Heavy hail or flying debris can sometimes bust through the roof during a bad storm.

3Fallen tree limbs
and debris

These items indicate that the storm heavily impacted the property (and potentially your roof).


If your roof looks noticeably saggy or warped, it may have sustained extensive water damage.

5Water damage in the attic or top floor

Stains or general dampness can be telltale signs of new holes or cracks in your roof.

6Dented vents or

Hail and wind can harm or shift these parts, increasing the risk of further damage.

Our Roof Storm Damage Assessment Process

Our hail and storm damage repair services are time-tested and efficient. Contact us today to follow our step-by-step process.

FREE Storm Damage Assessment

Our experienced team will travel to your property to inspect your roof for damage.

No-Obligation Repair Cost Estimate

We’ll provide an upfront estimate for the cost of our services – and we’ll stand by it.

Repairs and Replacements

Once you agree to our contract, we’ll begin the roof repairs quickly and safely.

Final Inspection

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we carefully survey our work after every contract.

Emergency Tarping & Roof Restoration Services

Waiting to address roof damage after a storm can cost you thousands in additional problems and repairs. Don’t risk water infiltration, mold growth, or structural damage. Instead, reach out to our team for immediate post-storm protection.

At Local Roofers, we provide emergency tarping services to safeguard compromised roofs until restoration is complete. We’ll work quickly to secure your property, belongings, and family.

Our roof storm damage restoration services include…

Why Choose Us for Hail and Storm Damage Repairs?​

With 25+ years of experience in the Greenville area, we know exactly how powerful storms can be. From pummeling hail to damaging high winds, we’ve seen the worst that Mother Nature throws at local properties – and we’re always ready to step in with expert roof repair services.

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Insurance Claim Assistance

Filing a claim for emergency roofing services can be a pain – but we’re pros at dealing with insurance companies and different policies.

Our team will help you navigate the insurance claim process and apply for the restoration funds you need. We’re highly experienced at providing documentation and will do our best to alleviate the daunting load of insurance-required paperwork.

What People Say

Very fair price, quality workmanship, looks better than new. Perfectly matched the existing color.

Will definitely call Rave Roofing & Renovation again!

- Michael Burroughes
The service and quality were exceptional. I quickly got an estimate I was very pleased with and they perform extremely well, I highly recommend Rave Roofing & Renovation!
- Clay Daniel
Rave Roofing & Renovations have done several projects for us and they continue to be professional and responsive. Best local roofers in Greenville, SC!
- Tammy Nance
Great to work with. A beautiful roof is now on my house! Brian kept me informed everyday about the progress. 5 Stars!
- Allen Watts

Very professional & knowledgeable. Immediate response. Repair & new roof installation completed timely, & with cleanliness at job site.

- Tony S

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, most homeowners’ policies cover roof damage repair costs when incurred due to natural events such as hurricanes, hail, tornadoes, rain, and heavy winds. However, coverage does tend to vary from policy to policy, so you’ll need to speak with your provider to understand your policy’s details.

You might not be able to control the weather, but you can do your best to protect your roof from future storms. Protective measures should include…

  • Scheduling regular roof inspections and addressing existing issues
  • Keeping gutters clean and clear of debris
  • Trimming trees and branches that are too close to the roof
  • Ensuring your roof always has adequate ventilation to prevent moisture buildup

These steps can’t completely protect your roof from bad weather, but they may be able to minimize potential storm damage and save you time and money in the long run.

Yes! Our renovation services don’t just involve repairing storm damage. We also go above and beyond to provide roofing solutions after natural disasters to better protect your property from future bad weather.

Contact us to learn more about how our roofing contractors can upgrade your roof for improved security and weather resistance.

Roof storm damage can manifest in several ways, including missing or damaged shingles, damaged or bent flashing, water leaks and stains, granule loss on asphalt shingles, and dents on metal roofing. It’s essential to address these issues as soon as possible to prevent further damage and protect your home.

It’s crucial to inspect your roof after a storm to identify any potential damage. Start by visually examining your roof from the ground level – use binoculars if necessary. Look for signs of damage such as missing, curled, or cracked shingles, and damaged flashing. Additionally, conduct an indoor inspection by checking your attic, ceiling, and walls for water leaks or stains. If you find signs of roof storm damage, it’s best to contact a professional to conduct a thorough inspection and provide appropriate solutions.

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