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Your roof is the ultimate line of defense for your building. When it begins to wear or sustains damage, you need to schedule a replacement with expert roofing technicians.

At Local Roofers, we’re proud to serve as the premier roof replacement contractor in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC. We make the roof replacement process painless and affordable for homeowners and businesses.

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Signs Your Roof Needs Replacement


Missing shingles are a concerning issue, indicating weakened shingles and adhesive separation from the layer below.

2Curling, cupping,
or clawing

Your roof needs to be replaced when it starts to peel away and point upwards.


As the roof heats and cools, shingles expand and contract, leading to tears or cracks.


Frequent appearance of shingle fragments should prompt a closer roof inspection.

5Granules in
the gutter

Do you frequently find loose granules from your shingles in the gutter? It can mean roof trouble.


A sagging roof is a clear sign of structural issues like severe water damage or broken rafters.

7Signs of
water damage

Interior water damage indicates a failing roof. It can be caused by ice dams, compromised shingles or poor installation.


Check records for your roof’s replacement date. Has your roof exceeded this lifespan? If yes, it’s time to plan for a new roof.

Roofing Replacement Made Simple

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We begin every roof replacement project with an upfront assessment and cost estimate. Book a call and we’ll recommend the best course of action for your budget and needs.

Explore Your Shingle

Allow us to help you select the best shingle type for your roof. We offer metal, flat, and shingle roof replacements that are durable roofing materials beyond classic asphalt.

Timely Results

You’ve got a busy life, and we don’t want to disrupt your schedule any more than necessary. When you hire our roof replacement company, we’ll prioritize efficient services, timeliness, and clear communication throughout the entire process.

Expertise in All Types of Roofing

Our team of expert roofing professionals has decades of experience in all styles of roofing, from traditional asphalt shingles to metal, tile, and flat roofs. Whatever your needs may be, our roof replacement experts handle them with precision and proficiency.

Asphalt Shingle

Asphalt Shingle

Flat Roof

Flat Roof

Metal Roof​

Metal Roof

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Experience the Difference with Local Roofers, your trusted roof replacement contractor in Greenville, SC, and Spartanburg, SC. Our roofing technicians are more than experts; they are dedicated specialists committed to delivering top-tier roofing services.

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Benefits of Professional New Roof Replacement

Upgrade your property with residential roof replacement from our expert team in Greenville, SC. Trust our roofing technicians for a seamless roof replacement process. Experience the benefits of customized roof replacement tailored to your specific needs.

What People Say

Very fair price, quality workmanship, looks better than new. Perfectly matched the existing color.

Will definitely call Rave Roofing & Renovation again!

- Michael Burroughes
The service and quality were exceptional. I quickly got an estimate I was very pleased with and they perform extremely well, I highly recommend Rave Roofing & Renovation!
- Clay Daniel
Rave Roofing & Renovations have done several projects for us and they continue to be professional and responsive. Best local roofers in Greenville, SC!
- Tammy Nance
Great to work with. A beautiful roof is now on my house! Brian kept me informed everyday about the progress. 5 Stars!
- Allen Watts

Very professional & knowledgeable. Immediate response. Repair & new roof installation completed timely, & with cleanliness at job site.

- Tony S

Frequently Asked Questions

Recommended roof replacement frequency varies but should typically be done every 20-30 years, especially if your roof has asphalt shingles. To learn when it’s time to replace yours, schedule an inspection with our roof replacement experts.

Watch for signs like persistent leaks, shingle deterioration, mold growth, or visible sagging. If you notice any of these things, contact our roofing replacement specialists immediately.

The timeline for a customized roof replacement varies based on its size and complexity. Generally, most residential roof replacements take a few days, but commercial roof replacements could extend to weeks.

To learn what your roof replacement will cost, contact our team for a more accurate estimate.

Several factors can influence your total roof replacement cost, including…

  • Material choices
  • Roof size
  • Local labor rates
  • Necessary repairs
  • Customization requests

To get an accurate estimate, contact our roof replacement contractors in Spartanburg, SC.

Yes! A well-executed roof replacement can certainly boost your property’s value. Potential buyers and appraisers often view a new roof as a valuable asset.

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